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Apply for Cytopathology Foundation (CF) membership


$50 per year (Reduced to $20 for developing countries)

$1000 for life (full membership) (Reduced to $400 for developing countries)

CF membership Benefits
  1. Annual & full members: Free access to all PDF’s (otherwise $ 25 per download). All ‘FULL TEXT’ in HTML are FREE under “open access” charter of CytoJournal.
  2. Receive FREE e-mail communications with electronic Table of Contents (e-TOC) of published CytoJournal articles at selected periodicity with links for PDF downloads.
  3. Publish free in CytoJournal if the manuscript is accepted for publication after peer review.
    (Regular article publication charge (APC) of $1500 is waived for CF members in good standing).
  4. 50% discount towards most of the Cytopathology Foundation publications including CytoJournal monographs and hard copy of CytoJournal. Significant discount for other Cytopathology Foundation programs including conferences and meetings by Cytopathology Foundation.  
  5. Special access to ongoing programs including standing orders (for CytoJournal Monographs and the paper edition of CytoJournal) with a further decrease in the prices of various publications and services.
  6. Additional benefits to FULL CF members-
    (a) Pre-requisite for much higher-level participation including editorial board member, future certifications, and others.
    (b) FREE or significant subsidization to FULL CF members (available to non-members and regular annual CF members at higher regular charge) for ongoing future add-ons such as CME on published material, on-line tests, blogs, on-line consultation club, webinars (online seminars) etc,
    (c) Continuity without risk of expiring the regular membership on annual basis.

To become Cytopathology Foundation (CF) member fill in your details and pay online.

Please fill in following & ‘signup’ to pay online through PayPal (easy and secure process)

Blank Pro forma Invoice forms- Full CF Member (Download if required by your institution or for your record)

Blank Pro forma Invoice forms- Annual CF Member ( (Download if required by your institution or for your record)

If you wish to send your payment by check, please read the payment terms below. Send the check to the payment address given below and ‘signup’ by filling the following details:

Please note that there is offline check handling cost (see below) if you select check option.
Payment terms: Payment should be made in favour of “Cytopathology Foundation Inc.” 26277 East River Road, Grosse Ile, MI 48138
Payment address: Cytopathology Foundation Inc 26277 East River Road, Grosse Ile, MI 48138 Phone: (313) 993 0699 Fax: (313)745 7158

To pay offline by cheque, please fill in following & ‘signup’

(Includes offline check handling charge of $25 for developed countries and $10 for developing countries)

Apply for ‘Complimentary CF membership’(download the form)- Please download the form, fill in, sign and e-mail to cytojournal @ cytjournal . com

a. Dues may be paid by a colleague towards ‘Complimentary CF membership’


b. The scholars from the developing countries may qualify ‘under economic hardship clause‘ and by endorsing ‘open access charter’ in cytopathology.

These members are also recommended to approach their local organizations/societies/departments/institutions to join CytoJournal as ‘CytoJ OA stewards’. The members of CytoJ OA stewards get various benefits.

If the organizations qualify with negotiated agreement (which includes nominal cost) with Cytopathology Foundation Inc for ‘Plus’ category as CytoJ OA Stewards- Plus the constituent members of Plus organizations get more benefits including free PDFs of CytoJ articles and waiver for any APC mostly similar to those for Cytopathology Foundation.

Last updated on : January 6, 2020