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Thank you reviewers- CytoJournal 2007

Executive editor and coeditor-in-chief, CytoJournal, Dept of Pathology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Coeditor-in-chief, CytoJournal, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS, USA

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

This article was originally published by Medknow Publications and was migrated to Scientific Scholar after the change of Publisher.


Significant efforts, time, and resources are devoted for peer-reviewing numerous CytoJournal manuscripts. The Editorial Board of CytoJournal shares a significant proportion of this activity. Additional peers are requested to join periodically as ‘academic editors’ and reviewers to review CytoJournal manuscripts. We thank all the reviewers and academic editors for their time and efforts for completing the peer-review of CytoJournal manuscripts during 2006. The continued success of this important academic exercise depends on their continued enthusiasm to support with their highest standards. We also thank all the contributing authors for selecting CytoJournal and supporting open access initiative, which allows retention of the copyrights to their corresponding academic accomplishments.


In accordance with the ‘close review’ policy of CytoJournal, the peer-reviewers are not identified during the review process or in the published articles. CytoJournal periodically designates an ‘academic editor’ to some manuscripts for various reasons including specialized nature of topic to conflict of interest for conducting and completing the peer-review process for reviewing various manuscripts submitted to CytoJournal. The academic editors are acknowledged in the corresponding articles [1]. As a token of appreciation and thanks, CytoJournal periodically publishes the list of all the academic editors and reviewers involved in the peer-reviewing process of all the manuscripts submitted to CytoJournal irrespective of their publication status [225].

On behalf of CytoJournal editorial board and Cytopathology-Foundation Inc, we thank all reviewers and academic editors participating in CytoJournal peer-review process during 2006 (Table 1). As some of the submitted manuscripts are not accepted for publication, the academic editors reviewing such manuscripts are thanked collectively in this article. The quality of peer-review is extremely important to continue and enhance the high standards of CytoJournal for publishing the best work [26]. Their time and efforts for reviewing the manuscripts to improve their quality is commendable. A high standard of peer-review process in timely fashion is very important component of CytoJournal [27].

Table 1 CytoJournal reviewers and academic editors* (2007).
Akobeng Anthony Krishnamurthy Savitri
Almagro Urias Kroft Steven
Al-Quran Samer Kurtycz Daniel
Ashfaq Raheela Lin Fan
Bentz Brandon Logani Sanjay
Bose Shikha Meisels Alexander
Brachtel Elena Markelova Natalia
Bubendorf Lukas Masood Shahla
Caraway Nancy Müller Henning
Chang Chung-Che (Jeff) Niamtu Joseph
Chhieng David Novoa-Takara Louis
Clark Douglas O’Malley Dennis
Cochand-Priollet Beatrix Pasieka J
Coleman Dulcie Powers Celeste N
Crabtree William Pollard Tom Joseph
Das Dilip K. Rao Nagarjun
Davey Diane Rimm David
Dejmek Annika Ross Try
DeMay Richard Schneider Volker
Domanski H Shidham Vinod B.
Drew Peter Sidawy Mary
Dunn Bruce Siddiqui Momin
Ehya Hormoz Singleton Timothy
Eltoum Isam Skoog Lambert
Erozan Yener Sneige Nour
Field Andrew Stanley Stanley Michael
Frable William Stanley Michael
Fukunaga M Stelow Edward
Gal AA Stoler Mark
Hoda Rana Orell Svante R.
Ibrahim Sherif Tani Edneia
Jensen David Wang-Rodriguez Jessica
Jhala Nirag Verma Kusum
Herbert Amanda Wilbur David
Kapila Kusum Wilson Carla
Katz Ruth Louise Ylagan Lourdes
Kilpatrick Scott Young Nancy
All peer-reviewers and academic editors participating in reviewing CytoJournal manuscripts during 2006. We apologize in advance for any omissions due to oversight. Please contact by email (see the title page) and communicate the lapse, we will include the missing reviewer in the next list. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

We also thank all the contributing authors for supporting the ‘open access’ initiative of CytoJournal. ‘Open access’ extends numerous benefits to the authors including the retention of their copyrights of their published material [28].

We invite all the experts in cytopathology and related areas to join the ever increasing demand of good reviewers by sending e-mail to along with recent curriculum vitae.


Vinod B. Shidham, MD, FRCPath, FIAC

Executive editor and co-editor-in-chief

Barbara F. Atkinson, MD


We thank Anjani Shidham for the editing support as managing editor. Secretarial help by Anushree Shidham is also highly appreciated.


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