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Cytopathology Open Access Supporter
CytoJ OA stewards (CJS) & CytoJ OA stewards- Plus (CJS-P)

Who qualify?

The entities/groups (XXX) interested in publishing and/or using evidence-based scientific information in cytopathology are periodically identified and included as Cytopathology Open Access Supporter under CytoJ OA stewards or CytoJ OA stewards- Plus.
The groups may include various groups and entities such as societies, associations, foundations, organizations, institutions, universities, hospitals, libraries, colleges, individual departments, research labs, and many others. The individuals enjoy all or some of the benefits similar to those for Cytopathology Foundation (CF) members. 


CytoJ OA Stewards (CJS)


CytoJ OA stewards- Plus (CJS-P)

Constituents in the list are identified and updated periodically by CytoJournal Subject to negotiated arrangement
XXX members receive the following financial and other benefits
XXX members receive the following additional financial and other benefits
See the CJS list (periodically updated).
If your group/society is not in the list,
you may nominate it to be included in the list, by sending e-mail with details to cytojournal @ cytojournal . edu

Provide a proof of your affiliation with one of these groups/entities in CJS list and you may qualify for benefits under CJS.

See the CJS-P list (periodically updated).
For more information write to
cytojournal @ cytojournal . edu
  1. APC is subsidized from US $ 1500 and reduced to US $500.
  2. Discount towards annual Cytopathology Foundation (CF) membership#
    All XXX members pay discounted $ 40 per year
    (Regular membership is $ 50 per year- easy, secure online payment & registration)
  3. All XXX members get significant discount towards most of the CytoJournal/Cytopathology Foundation projects and publications such as CytoJournal monographs/Atlas Series (CMAS) and paper copies of CytoJournal.
  4. Discounted PDFs of all CytoJournal articles.

  1. Free e-TOC with links to all CytoJournal articles published during that duration for FREE PDF downloads (regularly $ 25 per download).
  2. Publish free in CytoJournal if the manuscript is accepted by peer review without paying APC of US $1500.
  3. FREE unlimited downloads of all CytoJournal article PDFs (Regular price $ 25 per download. HTML downloads are free to all as component of open access charter)
  4. Availability of the paper copy of CytoJournal at significantly subsidized rate to all XXX members, who could opt for this by going on-line and identifying themselves as an XXX member.
  5. Other benefits of online and interactive real time nature of
    CytoJournal could be shared for various on-going programs (including CME etc) of XXX.
Download OA Stewards Application form Download OA Steward- Plus Application form

*Benefits to Cytopathology Foundation members:

  1. Annual & full members: FREE unlimited downloads of all CytoJournal article PDFs (Regular price $ 25 per download. HTML downloads are free to all as component of open access charter)
  2. Annual & full members can publish FREE in CytoJournal (subject to acceptance for publication by Peer review). 
    The regular publication cost of $ 1500 (is payable only if the manuscript is accepted after peer-review) applicable to non-members, is waived totally for any number of articles in CytoJournal during CF membership in good standing.
  3. Significant discount towards most of the Cytopathology foundation publications (including CytoJournal monographs/Atlas Series (CMAS) and paper copies of CytoJournal) and any conferences/meetings .
  4. Special access to ongoing programs including standing orders (for Monographs and CytoJournal paper copy). This would extend further savings in the prices of various publications and services by CF.
  5. Other ongoing programs with increasing benefits especially to full members.
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