CytoJ OA Scholar

You may join as ‘CytoJ OA Scholar’    

As ‘CytoJ OA Scholar’ you would provide a number of useful resources to your colleagues to promote the journal. The list of CytoJ OA Scholars’ is updated periodically on CytoJournal web page.

You are ‘CytoJ OA Scholar’ if you:

  1. Endorse ‘Open Access Charter’ in cytopathology
  2. Participate in ambassadorial support in spreading open access in cytopathology.
  3. Endorsed 20 or more CF members.
  4. Regularly review CytoJournal manuscripts.
  5. Publish in CytoJournal
  6. Join as ‘Full CF member’
  7. Participate in CytoJournal CMEs as a reader
  8. Participate in CytoJournal Advocacy